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Welcome to West Coast Railroaders Group

Professional Railroaders Providing Track Car Services To Railroads Throughout The West


West Coast Railroaders Group (WCRG) provides track cars (motorcars) along with qualified operators throughout the Western States, providing services tailored to each railroad, transit agency, or museums needs. West Coast Railroaders Group can serve the smallest short line or regional railroad up to and including class one railroads. 

 WCRG's services include:

  • Fire patrol & protection (behind steam and diesel operations)

  • Escort/Track patrol ahead of trains or on track equipment  

  • Minor railroad maintenance

  • Rail line inspections, including transporting railroad personnel over active or out of service lines

  • Motorcar excursions (including escort/piloting of motorcar excursions) 

  • Fundraising events for museums/non profits 

  • Track car operating and rules training

  • Railroad filming and motion picture services

  • Equipment for display purposes


WCRG's rulebooks and operating documents include:

  • General Code of Operating Rules

  • Track Car Operating Rules

  • Roadway Worker Protection Rules

  • Safety Rules

  • Track Car Excursion Operating Rules & Standards


WCRG's training and regulatory compliance include:

  • Drug & Alcohol Testing Policy for qualified operators in safety sensitive positions 

  • Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) approved Part 243 Training, Qualification, and Oversight for Safety-Related Railroad Employees training program for Part 214 Subpart C 

  • Transportation Worker Identification Credentials (TWIC)   


Many of our operators are certified locomotive engineers/conductors meeting CFR Part 240/242 requirements.

WCRG's equipment roster include:

  • Period correct track cars for steam era operations   

  • Modern track cars for diesel operations

  • Un-restored track cars for an original look

  • Fire patrol cars 

  • Various push cars available

To Contact WCRG about our track car services we provide to railroads, e-mail us at:



To contact WCRG about our track car excursions, e-mail us at:



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