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WCRG Excursion Information & Excursion Schedule

WCRG is the only organization providing trained, professional railroaders on every excursion we host, because there is nothing better than a qualified railroader on the job.


WCRG believes every accident or injury is preventable. Our vision is that WCRG will operate free of accidents and injuries. WCRG will achieve this vision through:

A culture that makes safety our highest priority, through continuous self examination to the effectiveness of our operating practices and performance.


An operating environment that provides the resources, tools, and knowledge for every excursion participant, while eliminating known hazards and implementing proper safeguards for continued safe operations.


Training and continual knowledge available to every excursion participant to make safety essential to every excursion.


Empowered excursion participants, where excursion participants are always encouraged and supported to take the safe course, including stopping operations when necessary for clarification on operating practices, rules compliance, or when the safety of the excursion, host railroad or general public is in doubt.



Excursion participants are reminded that they, as individuals, have the authority to stop any excursion, at any time, when the safety of the excursion is in doubt, a mechanical problem distracts the operator from safety operating, or anytime clarification is needed regarding rules for safe operating practices. No excursion schedule is so urgent, no train meet so important, that we cannot take the time to operate safely over our host railroads. EVERY excursion. EVERY time.


 Information For Track Car (Motorcar) Excursions:

WCRG offers track car excursion services, including excursion planning, track car excursion operating rules & standards, as well as providing trained and qualified railroad personnel to safely operate track car excursions over host railroads throughout the West. WCRG excursions operate with our Track Car Excursion Operating Rules and Standards Rulebook. Rules and regulations of other organizations do not apply to WCRG excursions. Rulebooks, forms and excursion schedules are below. To register or for general questions on WCRG excursions email WCRG at:



WCRG track car excursions operate with a one million dollar insurance policy (two million when railroad requested) that covers damages to the host railroad/third parties in the unlikely event property damage and/or personal injury occurs during a WCRG excursion. WCRG does not charge a yearly membership fee, nor do we require track car excursion participants to purchase a yearly insurance policy. Insurance premiums are paid from the excursion registration fees. Like other organizations that provide track car excursions, each participant signs a WCRG General Release Of Liability And Hold Harmless Agreement, holding WCRG, as well as the host railroad harmless for any claims for property damage or personal injury. Track car excursion participants further agree that track car excursion insurance only covers the host railroad/third parties and provides no coverage to excursion participants for property damage and/or personal injury to track car operators or their passengers.

WCRG Track Car Excursion Documents. Click On Document To Download

 WCRG Excursions Public Informational Flyer

WCRG Excursion Participant Safety Advisory Packet

Track Car Excursion Operating Rules & Standards Rulebook**      

Track Car Excursion Operating Rules & Standards Rulebook Change Notice #3**

Track Car Excursion Operating Rules & Standards Worksheet**

Excursion Participant Registration Form**


 Excursion Participant General Release Of Liability And Hold Harmless Agreement Form**    


Track Car Inspection Form** 

New Track Car Operator Orientation & Check Ride Form**

Track Car Check List

Set-on Check List

Passenger Information

Required Radio Channels for WCRG Excursions

Turntable Ignition Interlock Wiring Diagram

Turntable Ignition Interlock Demonstration Video

Les King Turntable Single Bolt Base Plate Modification (Willits Modification)

Shunting Requirements/Instructions for Excursion Participant's Track Cars

**Required Document to Participate in WCRG Excursions

WCRG offers motorcar shunt kits for sale in our company store. The kit comes with everything needed to install shunt's on a motorcar for WCRG excursions. Click on WCRG company store for more info.


Excursion Schedule: (Updated November 7th, 2022)

2023 schedule coming soon.


Notice: Registered excursion participants that cancel with less than 30 days notice will be required to place a non refundable deposit of $50.00 when signing up for any future excursions. 

 Important Safety Advisories For Excursion Participants  

WCRG Excursion Participant Safety Adviso
WCRG Excursion Particiant Safety Advisor
WCRG Excursion Participant Safety Advisory 2021-02 JPEG.jpg
WCRG Excursion Participant Safety Advisory 2022-02 4-22 JPG.jpg
WCRG Excursion Particpant Safety Advisor
WCRG Excursion Participant Safety Adviso
WCRG Excursion Participant Safety Advisory 2022-01 JPEG 3-22.jpg
WCRG Excursion Participant Safety Advisory 2022-03 6-22 JPG.jpeg
WCRG Excursion Participant Safety Advisory 2022-04 7-22 JPG.jpg

Upcoming Motorcar Excursion Flyers