WCRG Track Car (Motorcar) Excursion Information

WCRG offers track car excursion services, including excursion planning, track car excursion operating rules & standards, as well as providing trained and qualified railroad personnel to safely operate track car excursions over host railroads throughout the West. WCRG excursions operate with our Track Car Excursion Operating Rules and Standards Rulebook in effect 1-1-19. Rules and regulations of other organizations do not apply to WCRG excursions. Rulebooks, forms and excursion schedules are below. To register or for general questions on WCRG excursions email WCRG at:



Insurance Information For Track Car (Motorcar) Excursions:

WCRG track car excursions operate with a one million dollar insurance policy that covers damages to the host railroad/third parties in the unlikely event damage/injury occurs during a WCRG excursion. WCRG does not charge a yearly membership fee, nor do we require track car excursion participants to purchase a yearly insurance policy. Insurance premiums are paid from the excursion registration fees. The employee in charge of each excursion, as well as the host railroad retain the certificate of insurance/proof of coverage during each excursion. Like other organizations that provide track car excursions, each participant signs a release of liability and agreement, holding the excursion organizer (WCRG) as well as the host railroad harmless for any claims for property damage or personal injury. Track car excursion participants further agree that track car excursion insurance only covers the host railroad/third parties and provides no coverage to excursion participants for damage or personal injury to track car operators or their passengers, guests, etc. WCRG, as a private organization, does not release internal documents, including but not limited to: insurance premiums, insurance agents, insuring underwriters, legal documents, agreements, or other insurance instruments to individual track car participants. 


WCRG Track Car Excursion Documents. Click On Document To Download

Track Car Excursion Operating Rules & Standards Rulebook**      

Track Car Excursion Operating Rules & Standards Worksheet**

Excursion Participant Registration Form**


Excursion Participant Agreement Form**

Excursion Participant Release Form** 

Track Car Inspection Form** 

Required Radio Channels for WCRG Excursions

Shunting Requirements/Instructions for Excursion Participant's Track Cars

**Required Document to Participate in WCRG Excursions

WCRG offers motorcar shunt kits for sale in our company store. The kit comes with everything needed to install shunt's on a motorcar for WCRG excursions. Click on WCRG company store for more info.


Excursion Schedule: (Updated November 8th, 2020)


Nevada Southern Railway October 2020 Has Been Postponed Until 2021 Due To Coronavirus Restrictions

The Nevada Southern Railway excursion will be a two day event, operating over the rail line from Boulder City, to Railroad Pass and return. Three trips each day with a Saturday evening run included. The excursion fee will be $55.00, that includes a donation to the Museum. Scroll down page for excursion flyer.

Santa Cruz, Big Trees & Pacific Railroad(Roaring Camp) March 28th, 2021

The Roaring Camp excursion will be a one day event, Sunday March 28th, 2021. Two round trips will be made from Felton to Santa Cruz. The excursion fee will be $115.00. Scroll down page for excursion flyer. NOTE: Excursion may be moved back or forward due to inclement weather conditions.

Goose Lake Railway Mighty Oaks Foundation Fundraiser Excursion June 18th, and 19th, 2021

The Goose Lake Railway excursion will be a 130 mile excursion with a 25 mile trip from Lakeview to State line Recreation Area and return Friday. Saturdays excursion will operate from Lakeview to Alturas, and return. This is a benefit for the Mighty Oaks Foundation. The excursion fee will be $255.00. Scroll down page for excursion flyer.

Yreka Western Railroad April 2021

The Yreka Western Railroad excursion is in the planning stages for April 2021. More info will be posted soon. 

For past excursions click on past events tab at top of page.

Notice: Registered excursion participants that cancel with less than 30 days notice will be required to place a non refundable deposit of $75.00 when signing up for a future excursion. When excursion fee is less then $75.00, the total excursion fee will be the non refundable deposit.

Important Safety Advisories For Excursion Participants  

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Upcoming Motorcar Excursion Flyers

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