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West Coast Railroaders Group Company Store

WCRG offers the following items for purchase through our website. Prices do not include shipping. For questions on items for sale or to purchase items below please email us at:


WCRG is now offering installation of shunt kits, radios, sprockets, transmission oil seals, and more. Email us for details. 

sale 3.jpg

Motorcar shunt kits $95.00

WARNING - Shunt kits sold by WCRG are designed for use on WCRG excursions only under the direction and supervision of WCRG trained and qualified personnel. Use of WCRG shunt kits, or WCRG'S shunt design on a non WCRG excursion, or any other railroad operation outside of WCRG's control may result in property damage, personal injury, and / or death. User assumes all liability when purchasing, installing, and operating with WCRG shunt kits.


sale 12.jpg

WCRG excursion participant safety vests $25.00


sale 2.jpg

Custom MT14/MT19 transmission drive sprockets $150.00 
Available sprockets range from 15 to 18 tooth. 17 tooth is recommended for Onan powered cars, 16 for re-powered cars with Honda, Briggs, etc.


sale 1.jpg

Mobile and portable radios and programming for motorcars, as well as the complete line of David Clark intercoms and headsets. 

sale 4.jpg

Icom F3001 5 watt portable radio

Radio comes programmed with:

WCRG Channel 1,2,3
NARCOA Channel 1,2,3
PRO Channel 1,2,3
NOAA Weather Channels 1-7

sale 5.jpg

Icom F5061D Mobile 50 watt radio. (Due to worldwide chip shortage, inquire for price and availability) Radio comes programmed with:
AAR Channels 005-097
AAR Channels 104-197
AAR Channels 302-488
WCRG 1,2,3
NARCOA 1,2,3
PRO 1,2,3
NOAA Weather Channels 1-7

sale 6.jpg

MT-14/MT-19 Oil pressure line $55.00

 Replace your old oil line from the engine to gauge with this high pressure line.

sale 7.jpg

MT-14/MT-19 Transmission shift rail seal kit $45.00

Tired of oil constantly leaking out of the transmission shift rods? This seal kit will stop 99% of the oil that leaks out of the rods.                                      



sale 8.jpg

MT-14/MT-19 Transmission input shaft and retainer machining  $295.00

Tired of your clutch slipping due to oil leaking out of the input shaft? Tired of oil all over your garage floor? Send us your input shaft and retainer for machining to install a input shaft seal. Service includes polishing input shaft and machining of retainer, as well as the correct seal. Shipped back to you with new seal installed, ready for reassembly.

sale 9.jpg

M-19/MT-19 rear center axle bearing bracket bushing $85.00

This custom machined bushing replaces the original two piece steel bronze setup with a one piece steel bushing machined to tight tolerances. Bracket for illustration only, not included. 

sale 10.jpg




Onan CCKB/Zenith carburetor throttle shaft repair bushing $19.00

This bushing corrects the air leak at the throttle shaft to eliminate the common flat spot/off idle hesitation caused by wear in the carburetor body housing. Simple to install. Drill out existing hole and tap in new bushing. 





Custom WCRG Hats $30.00


Early Les King turntable

steel plate for single bolt

base plate units $65.00

This custom laser cut

plate retrofits the early

Les King single bolt

turntable base plate 

assembly, preventing the

base plate from falling off

should the base plate

retention bolt fall out.

Plate can be installed as

one piece with the

turntable disassembled,

or cut in half and

installed without

removing the turntable

from the motorcar.

*Les King used as a reference only. WCRG has no affiliation with Les King, or Fredericksburg Shops, the current producer of Les King turntables*


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